07 Jan 2023

Swimgainz JDL Round 1

We had a great time last night at the Swimgainz JDL with our younger swimmers getting their first taste of the gala experience: what a fun, fast and very loud experience it was! We were very proud of the 9 and 10 year olds who asked lots of sensible questions, smashed their races and braved the blocks. They are what this gala is all about. There were great swims from our older and more experienced swimmers (some of which were too fast and incurred speeding tickets!) - it is fantastic to see how they have developed in all 4 strokes. Some of us can still remember when these swimmers were the 9 year olds feeling nervous at their first PGL!  A highlight for me was seeing Malachy and Grace opening the gala with the 100IM and looking absolutely awesome in the water.

 A special thank you to our officials: Cathy (acting as second referee for the first time), Jo (training to be a J1), Steve (who stepped in to timekeep whilst Oliver was swimming - you get a better view poolside), Keith (who came along because he loves being poolside on a Saturday night) and Martha (one of our 15 year old swimmers who is doing her J1t as part of her D of E award). If you would like to try your hand at timekeeping at a future gala, do get in touch (no experience needed!). Finally thank you to CSWPC for hosting such an enjoyable night - it was good not to have to travel out of Cheltenham for once! Can’t wait to the next one!

31PBs out of 42 individual events
5 Speeding tickets


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