Static stretches

Static stretches are done after training to reverse the effect of muscles tightening during exercise. Stretching after training reduces soreness and chances of injury and is a good habit to get into. Here is a top-to-toe of swim-specific static stretches for after training, along with helpful pictures or videos to show you how to do them.

Upper Trapezius

Gently pull your head to the side whilst pulling towards the floor with your other arm. Hold for 10-20s each side.


Hold your arm across your body pulling gently towards you with the bent arm. Hold 10-20s each side. 


Push your elbow back and reach down your back. Hold 10-20s each side.

Pectorals and Biceps

Slightly rotate your body away from the wall. Repeat with your arm bent at 90 degrees. Hold for 10s in each position on each side.

Lats and Lower Traps

Push your bum back and reach forwards. Hold for 10s in the middle, then 10s reaching to either side.


Push your top arm as far as it can go without hinging forward at the hips. Hold 10-20s on each side.


Push your head back and your hips to the floor. You can push either hip forward slightly to stretch the obliqes too. Hold for 20-30s.

Outer Glutes

Rest your foot on your knee and hug your forward facing leg to your body. Hold for 10-20s on each side.


Pull your knee to your chest. Hold for 10-20s each side.

Hip Flexors

Push your weight forwards, though make sure your front knee stays behind your front toes. Hold for 20-30s each side.


Hold your back foot by your bum, keep your knees together and push your hips forwards. Hold 20-30s each side.


Reach forward as far as you can whilst keeping your leg straight (but not locked). Hold for 10-20s each side.

Inner Thighs

Push your bodyweight over your foot (don't push your knee over your toe). Hold 10-20s each side.


Keeping your back foot flat on the floor, push your bodyweight forward towards the wall. Hold for 10-20s either side.